New-Caledonia's cluster for energy management, renewables energies and ecomobility.


Founded in 2009, SYNERGIE is a non-profit association that brings together the main companies involved in energy management and efficiency, renewabels energies, ecomobility and solar thermal in New Caledonia.

The shakeholders have come together to emphasize the urgent need to achieve a more sustainable approach of our energy production and consumption. Luckily, the autorities have been sensible and the shift toward a greener energy network has been initiated. Despite this  achievement, Synergie pursue its actions in favor of energy efficiency and management.


Synergie regroups 43 companies, those who represents the principal actors of each sectors, with cumulated revenues of US$ 82 M and 450 jobs.


SYNERGIE has several aims:

  • To become a key voice on the issues surrounding renewable energy and energy management in New Caledonia.
  • To develop the local economy and create employment opportunities.
  • To promote Caledonian know-how in the South Pacific, providing technical support.
  • To reduce the proportion of fossil fuels used in producing the electricity for our territory, and, by doing so, play our part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions..
  • To increase our energy autonomy and uphold the value of our natural heritage
  • To contribute to managing the cost of energy in New Caledonia.
  • To follow technological advances and research innovation.
  • To assess and produce pilot projects.

These aims are by no means exhaustive, and form part of decisive move towards Environmental Responsibility.


Phone : +687 79 02 30